In April 2018, I completed my DPhil in the Systems Approaches to Biomedical Science Industrial Doctorate Centre (SABS IDC, now SABS CDT), part of the Doctoral Training Centre in the University of Oxford, UK, where I was primarily funded by an EPSRC studentship. Additional funding was provided by the pharmaceutical company Roche.

I joined the Computational Biology group in the Department of Computer Science, where I was primarily supervised by Dr Gary Mirams (now at Nottingham) and Prof. David Gavaghan. I was also supervised by Dr Rémi Bardenet, who is now at Lille. Additional supervision was given by Dr Liudmila Polonchuk and Dr Mark Davies from Roche.

My thesis title was “Uncertainty characterisation in action potential modelling for cardiac drug safety” — download/view the PDF here.

We used Bayesian statistical methods to account for some of the uncertainty present in mathematical modelling of real-world noisy biological data, and to propagate this uncertainty into model predictions. This allows for better-informed decision making at the clinical level by associating possible outcomes with relative probabilities, instead of making a single ‘best-fit’ prediction.